R-22 Phase Out: What to Expect

BY Burns Mechanical IN HVAC Equipment, News, Service

If your cooling system was installed prior to 2010, it probably relies on R-22 refrigerant to function. With just 3 months to go until the EPA’s January 1st phase out deadline, we re-examined the likely effects of the R-22 ban.

Once the final phase of the ban comes into effect on January 1st, 2020, it will be illegal to manufacture or import R-22 refrigerant. The purchase, sale, and use of existing and reclaimed supplies will remain legal. The current supply of R-22 is robust and prices have stabilized. As all signs point to a relatively stable R-22 market in 2020 with only slight increases in pricing, there is no reason to rush to replace your equipment because of the phase out.

R-22 Phase Out Infographic


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