Boiler and Chiller Services

Temperature and comfort are critical to your core mission. As an experienced mechanical contractor, our technicians are well-qualified to perform boiler and chiller maintenance, emergency service, reconditioning, and replacement. From controls to the waterside system, we provide the maintenance and updates needed to protect against costly downtime of equipment.

  • Boiler tuning to assure safe and energy efficient operation in time for heating season
  • Factory trained and certified technicians
  • Prompt, 24/7 emergency repair service
  • Energy auditing
  • Central plant optimization

Case study: Park Plaza Condominiums

In the case of the Park Plaza Condominiums, our assessment of their existing systems led to turnkey replacement projects for their boiler and chiller assets. We replaced existing low pressure steam boilers with three highly efficient natural gas condensing boilers, while converting them from a steam to hot water distribution system. We likewise replaced their existing chillers with two high efficiency centrifugal units with variable speed compressors and made necessary life-safety upgrades to their mechanical rooms.