Design-build and turnkey construction delivery, including fast-track, are core areas of expertise at Burns. Clients who seek performance-based, single-source of accountability agreements understand the significant benefit of having a design-build contractor who will break down the contractual boundaries that exist in conventional projects, collaborate from day one with the various disciplines, and provide the performance guarantees needed to meet specific goals of the building. We are able to deliver projects more cost effectively at higher degrees of performance.

Sometimes our clients have retained an engineer, but wish to gain the advantages of conducting pricing, constructability, and commissioning reviews throughout the design process. Such design–assist arrangements, in which the mechanical contractor is introduced early in the design process, often results in lower project costs, more efficient scheduling, and better long-term performance than holding the engineering and construction contracts within individual silos.

We are happy to provide engineering services directly or assist your engineer in making prudent design decisions.

Why design-build?

HVAC systems are often the biggest source of complaints in a building if they’re not designed, installed or commissioned properly. Additionally, comfort heating and air conditioning systems represent a building’s largest share of long-term energy and maintenance costs – two good reasons to carve out the HVAC contract as design-build even if the rest of the building is delivered through conventional construction methods.

We can offer guaranteed-maximum-price (GMP) contracting in which we offer a transparent budget, then move forward and negotiate mark-up structures and track construction costs through open book accounting methods.

Case study: Doylestown Hospital

The Doylestown Hospital provides a good example of our approach to design–build project delivery. Needing a firm economic justification for upgrading their inadequate central chilled water plant, hospital administrators turned to Burns Mechanical’s expertise with healthcare mechanical systems. The $2.8 million upgrade proved to be a strong financial investment, with the pre-construction recommendations proven through years of successful operation.