Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The use of virtual design and construction Building Information Models (BIM) is standard procedure at Burns Mechanical, where we have been doing three-dimensional models of systems since the 1990’s. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), of which BIM is an important component, is also a significant strength at Burns.

We maintain the technical development team necessary to lead any virtual design and construction effort, and it’s our standard practice to provide three-dimensional modeling for any project of major scale. In fact, such models are essential tools for us in many ways, including their role in fabricating pipe in our own shop for efficient delivery and installation in modular form on site. BIM has become very important to many of our clients, and is evolving beyond early generation clash detection models into the realm of four-dimensional scheduling and information tools.

Case Study: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

One of our clients, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, used our BIM and construction capabilities in the completion of their $496 million Colket Translational Research Building. The facility is certified as LEED Silver by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). It includes many sustainable features beyond efficient design and construction through BIM, such as building materials that better retain heat in the winter and reflect it in the summer, plumbing fixtures that save water, and facilities that encourage employees to bicycle to work.