Robert I. Schattner Clinic for UPENN School of Dental Medicine Opens

BY Burns Mechanical IN News

Burns Mechanical managed the mechanical portion of this state-of-the-art renovation for a comprehensive restorative patient care and clinical instruction center within Penn Dental School.  In our role, Burns was responsible for Plumbing Services, Dental Air & VAC Systems, HVAC Ductwork, and space heating/cooling.  The overall project encompassed a new two-story addition to the Schattner Building,  as well as the Evan’s Clinic renovations which included a total of 84 dental operatories.



  • Working within a historic and fully operational building originally built in 1915.
  • Early phases of the project required the team to work off-hours since a significant portion of the tie-in work had to be performed in fully occupied and functional areas of the buildings.
  •  To minimize disruption and expedite installations,  Pre-Construction Design & BIM Coordination efforts were utilized to create prefabricated piping racks for all in-slab piping systems in our Fab Shop.  Pre-Fab of small bore piping racks fast-tracked installation on-site.
  • Tying into older equipment and all new work involved tapping into existing mechanical systems in the building without sacrificing performance and comfort to the functioning areas.
  •  The client also required a high MBE/WBE requirement on the project.  Burns surpassed expectations appropriating 30% of the contract to local minority & women owned businesses.







As a result of the work performed, the project optimized performance of building systems.  Burns successfully managed the project utilizing Pre-Construction Planning & BIM for the benefits of producing a high quality in-shop prefabrication to avoid disruption to operational portions of the building.