Burns Mechanical Featured in “Energy at Work”

BY Burns Mechanical IN News

Burns Mechanical is proud to co-sponsor Energy At Work: Innovative Energy Strategies from the Regional Business Community, The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s newly released publication. Energy At Work highlights energy projects and strategies from the Chamber’s Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team that are boosting efficiency and resiliency, cutting costs, and reducing our region’s carbon emissions.

The first edition of the two-part series features Burns’ combined heat and power project, which resulted in annual energy cost savings of more than 40%, and reduced generated greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

More than ever before, businesses across the region play a critical role in defining our energy landscape. Businesses of all industries, from manufacturing and health care to higher education, require reliable, clean, affordable, and efficient energy to power our region. Energy at Work aims to broaden awareness of innovative energy projects generating value for businesses and the broader community.

Read the full publication here: Energy At Work, Edition 1