Soft skills. These are two words not normally associated with project managers in the litigious, adversarial building design and construction industry. But if a leading-edge trend known as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) becomes the norm, project managers, architects, and engineers displaying the strongest soft skills will be the big winners. I have shamelessly appropriated the […]

HVAC and lighting systems account for 75% of the energy used in the City of Philadelphia’s 270 million square feet of non-residential space. Energy use disclosure has confirmed that the opportunities for Philly’s building owners to reduce operating expenses are significant. We’re keeping a close watch on the situation, and this week Philadelphia heard some […]

Just as Chip Kelly’s high-octane Eagles offense begins with brilliance on the basics – an uncompromising focus on attention to fundamental details – a local, federally funded research consortium hopes to achieve the same end by delivering superior building energy performance through everyday off-the-shelf systems. As an advisory board member for Penn State’s PACE – […]

I recently had the privilege of serving on the jury of the annual student architectural engineering competition held by the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) of ASCE, the American Society of Civil Engineers, at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  The AEI held the student competition, which included the brightest student representation of accredited architectural engineering programs from […]

Results are available from the first year of Philly’s benchmarking energy disclosure process. See below for key findings or visit and click on “See the 2012 Results Report.” Key findings of the 2012 report include: Ratable buildings in Philadelphia have an average ENERGY STAR score of 64, well above the nationwide average of 50. […]

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It’s very easy to assume that when it comes to energy, the less you consume the lower your bills. But it’s really not that simple. Energy use and energy cost can vary independent of each other according to the relative cost of fuel. A highly energy efficient building consuming a relatively expensive fuel might cost […]

We’re keeping a close eye on the new Philly Benchmarking energy disclosure process since we provide consultative support to clients in relation to this new legislation (Bill #120428). Philadelphia benchmarking basics: The new law requires that all buildings in the City of Philadelphia greater than 50,000 square feet (excluding residential and most manufacturing) must be […]

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